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Vietnam, a country proud of its culture

Petite phrase représentative du pays

Présentation of the country

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that history and successive wars have hardened. Its real strength is to have managed to preserve its cultural identity over the course of occupations: the Chinese for nearly 1000 years, then the French, not to mention the Japanese and Americans …

Vietnam is a mosaic of peoples with 54 ethnic groups, northern mountain peoples (like the Hmongs or Tays) through the cham (also present in Cambodia and Malaysia) and of course the kinh (the “viet” ethnic group). “Majority”).

The country has been growing at a fast pace in recent years and has growth rates of more than 8%. the standard of living of the population is increasing notoriously in the cities, while the countryside – particularly in the north – is still lagging behind and is still enjoying little growth for the time being.

The country has 329,000 km2 (half of France) and nearly 85 million inhabitants. it extends over 1700 km long from north to south and has in addition to its cultural diversity, a great diversity of landscapes with beautifully beautiful sites …

The country already hosts 7 million tourists a year while its tourism potential is still largely untapped.

The best times to travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is so vast that the climate varies from one end of the country to the other and therefore makes the country visitable all year round.
in the north, the best season runs from March to the end of November. the rainy season does not hinder the trip. in the south, the weather is nice and warm all year round.

The most pleasant months are undoubtedly the months of April and October-November: the temperatures are pleasant without being too hot both north and south. the north in its gray period in December and January, and the center may experience heavy rains in September.

Transport network

The road network has improved considerably in recent years. some roads in remote northern regions may remain difficult, but this is marginal.
Given the size of the country, air travel will be preferred to the central and southern areas from the north. Inland flight coverage is good.

On some routes, the night train will be preferred, especially to reach the northwest of the country, or even the center. the comfort on board the trains is quite correct with air-conditioned berths.
we will opt for a cruise to discover some areas (such as Halong Bay or the Mekong Delta) or to reach Cambodia. the offer is varied, from standard to category charm.


The offer of accommodation is developing gradually, offering a wide choice in urban and seaside areas: from standard to charming accommodation. some destinations still uncrowded have a standard offer that will not suit all travelers. ecolodges are emerging in these same areas, but are not always accessible. it is then necessary to completely adapt the program according to the choice of accommodation. also, homestay accommodation is highly developed in these same areas. it is practiced during treks, but not only. it is common to use them during self-tours, giving an immersion rating to the stay that generally pleases travelers.

Nature Vietnam - Le Vietnam
Nature Vietnam - Le Vietnam
Nature Vietnam - Le Vietnam

Our ideas of stays in Vietnam

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Proposals for activities in Vietnam

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